Randy and Katy Smelser

Americans living in Germany but citizens of heaven


March: Last Thursday (before the ban) I was talking with a man in the locker room at the gym about this situation. As the talk developed I was able to bring up the idea that we humans want to have everything in our control and believe we do. But this virus is reminding us that we do not.
Today I called a single older woman (older than me) who had been in my English class for years and attends special services and Christmas Eve at the church. God had laid her on my heart the last couple of days, so I called and we talked for quite a while. She was surprised that I would call and then when I offered to help in any way if she needed it, she was touched. She has fear of this situation. So we are still working with people, just in a different way.

Before everything shut down… the church had a Women’s Breakfast. Several unchurched women attended. One woman was listening intently to the Bible talk and the discussion. Now a woman in our church is getting a “WhatsApp” group together for prayer requests during the Lock Down. And this atheistic woman wants to be on the list along with a couple of other women from outside the church.